Royal Papworth at Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Having set up my blog I realised I didn’t have any photos of either the new or the old hospital. For copyright reasons I didn’t want to use ones from web searches, so I drove over to the new hospital which is only about 20 minutes from our home. Photos of the old hospital will need to wait for this weekend. The view above shows the main entrance as approached by car and the four ambulance bays. Although the site still has the builder’s fences, it looks very much complete, with landscaping going on outside.

Climbing down the stairs of the adjacent multi storey gives a view of the pond, still under construction. The pond at the existing site is a much loved feature for patients, families and staff, so the pond at the new site was in the plans from the very start. Judging by the height of the person in the bright orange jacket it looks like it’s going to be pretty deep.

This corner of the site with the small remaining builder’s compound is the only part that doesn’t look finished. The glass wall on the right hand edge is the restaurant in the hospital building that will look out onto this area when the gardening is complete.

This is the view from the other side of the building with the pedestrian entrance. Where the other path joins the road to the left is the bus stop for the Cambridge Guided Busway. This will provide traffic free routes to Trumpington Park and Ride and the main Cambridge Railway station, both of them only five minutes away by bus. Even at quiet times it takes fifteen minutes to get to them by car, much more during morning and evening rush hour.

The landscaping is complete in this direction, the fence is just there to keep the public off the site until it opens. Looks like the builder has to come back and fit two blue panels high up on this section.

Continuing my walk around the site I discovered the road leading up to the main entrance has now been named. Should make remembering the address easy.

Completing my circuit I came back to the view as you will see it when approaching by car. Hard to see in this photo, but to the right of where the dark blue fence ends you can just see part of the window of the security guard’s hut. It is about one meter square metal and glass. I hope he had a heater in there as it was only a few degrees above freezing today.

Finally I needed a picture to use for my profile image, so this is me in front of one of the posters around the site that tell the story of Royal Papworth Hospital. Behind me is Sir Pendrill Varrier-Jones, the hospital founder, who I will be dressed as on my walk. Yes he has more hair, but then he looks a much younger man than me. I will be tidying my moustache to match his and wearing a three piece suit and bow tie. I have been offered a white lab coat, but as it will be May I think I will be hot enough.

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